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Tim Gibson
Wendy, Austin, & Tim
Original Sprayer from 1969

Sunrise Insulation is a division of Timothy M. Gibson, Inc. which was incorporated on August 13, 2001 when Tim purchased the insulation division of Sunrise Industries from his mother Donna Gibson. Tim’s father, the late Lee Gibson founded the insulation division after building a house in 1968 on Keuka Lake for Ken Satterly. Mr. Satterly was a chemist for Witco Chemical Company in Delaware, one of the original suppliers and pioneers in the urethane industry. Mr. Satterly introduced Lee Gibson to polyurethane foam and Lee immediately became intrigued by the closed cell concept of sealing buildings from moisture and air infiltration. Lee often advocated the use of polyurethane foam by explaining the benefits to all that would listen. In addition, Lee Gibson was the first upstate New York insulation contractor to spray polyurethane foam.

The company portfolio contains many businesses and municipalities in the Finger Lakes and Northern Tier of Pennsylvania. Current and past clients include Eastman Kodak Company, Seneca Army Depot, Seneca Foods Corporation, Taylor Wine Company, Dresser-Rand Corporation, Gouldpumps, Merrel Farms, NYSEG, Village of Watkins Glen, Town of Dix, Corning Glass, Wood Tex, Williamson Cold Storage, Dundee Foods, Kecks Food Service, Torrey Ridge Winery, and a host of thousands of other businesses and individuals.

Tim grew up though the 1970’s and 1980’s working along side his father on job sites around the Finger-Lakes and the Northern-Tier of Pennsylvania then eventually becoming the job site foreman. In the 1980’s when the urethane products were being refined to include spray foam roofing and specialty coatings, Tim attended many classes presented by Gusmer, whereby he became adept in the operation, maintenance and diagnostic analysis of the Gusmer products which are used to apply the polyurethane foam insulation. Tim also attended many accreditation seminars regarding the fundamentals of spray polyurethane foam and coating systems as presented by the Polyurethane Foam Contractors Division of The Society of Plastics Industry, Inc.

When Lee passed away in 1991, Tim became Vice President of Sunrise Industries which had grown into a conglomerate small business with several divisions including, insulation, trucking, general contracting, real estate investment management and grape vineyards.

Fifty years later, Tim still believes that only polyurethane foam can achieve the highest R-Value in small spaces. Now Sunrise Insulation has evolved into a full service insulation company, not only selling polyurethane foam; however, we have expanded into 1/2 lb open cell foam, Flash + Batt (fiberglass and foam combination) With an R-Value of 7 per inch, polyurethane foam completely seals the area and prevents penetrations, voids and junctions, as well as conforms and adheres to any shape. This material is now commonly used in new residential and commercial construction.

Tim’s father believed in the benefits of polyurethane foam and now Tim is showing customers around Upstate New York and the Northern Tier of Pennsylvania just how much this product can reduce your energy costs and improve thermal efficiency. Tim also believes that buying quality materials from quality suppliers such as Icynene, Demilec, and Gaco Western is the only way to ensure both quality and performance for many generations to come.

It is our commitment to quality and customer satisfaction that has kept this business moving forward for over forty years in Upstate New York. We service customers all around the Finger Lakes area which includes Canadice Lake, Canandaigua Lake, Cayuga Lake, Conesus Lake, Hemlock Lake, Honeoye Lake, Keuka Lake, Seneca Lake, and Skaneateles Lake. Please call Tim today and he would be happy to discuss the benefits of spray foam with you and answer any questions you may have!