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Pole Barn Insulation

Pole Barn Spray Foam Insulation - Dundee, New York

Pole barns are great storage buildings. . . . .and adding spray foam insulation takes it to a whole new level! Pole barns are designed to protect your valuables (including farm animals) from the elements. . . . .but unfortunately, they let too many unwanted elements in. . . .as well as critters!

Pole barns, buildings, and sheds with walls assembled from wood or metal vertical sheeting with thermal bridging can be a significant source of heat loss. As the wind blows over the unprotected cracks in the walls, it creates air gaps which enhances convection allowing cold air to enter, and hot air to escape. Independent studies have proven that adding spray foam insulation on the interior of pole barns can reduce heating costs up to 50%.

In addition to being more effective than fiberglass batt insulation, spray foam insulation has a variety of great benefits. Spray foam insulation liquid material that’s final shape become a plastic when expanding upon application. It creates air pockets within the cell structure, thus stopping air flow and preventing outside temperatures and moisture from entering the inside of your pole barn – as well as the reverse of stopping inside temperatures from exiting your pole barn. When you add spray foam insulation to the interior of your pole barn, this not only will reduce heat transfer in the spring and summer, but will also lower cool-down time during those colder winter months.

If climate control is important to you, consider putting an end to the unfortunate energy loss in your pole barn and call Sunrise Insulation to discuss our closed cell spray foam products and how we can help you!